Sport and Exercise Psychology  


We are a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultancy. Using research-based sport psychology, Optimise Potential can help you toward your or your team to reach sport or fitness dreams. Whether you need help getting motivated to run your first mile, or feel calm and focused at your next international competition, Optimise Potential can help you strengthen the mental aspect of your game. 


We work with individuals and teams, elite and novices, children and adults. We also work with dancers, performing artists, and businesses.

Our team is based in the Greater London area, but we do travel and can offer virtual sessions.

Please visit out FAQ page for more information.

What We Offer
One-on-One Sessions
Group Workshops
NCAA/USA University Recruiting


Optimise Potential sessions are designed to help improve psychological skills specific to you and your sport or peforming art. One-on-one sessions and group sessions are tailored to the needs of each client so that he/she can see improvements in the gym, pool, on the field, or on the stage.

We offer sessions via Skype/FaceTime when appropriate.


All sessions are run by a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant with an MSc in Sport Psychology. Please contact Optimise Potential if you have any addition enquiries. 

Thinking of going to University in the US? Ask our team for help with college recruiting!


Optimise Potential is currently only offering virtual sessions.

**Please note that Optimise Potential does not currently have any vacancies for work experience. Please do check out our EVENTS page for how to learn more about working in this industry!

***This contact form is not to be used in cases of immediate emergency

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