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Women in Equestrian Sport 

Intern Zoë Lindley-Smith gives her insight into the gender inequalities within equestrian sport. 

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Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating in Athletes

Hannah Stoyel in collaboration with Aneeka Hopkin write for Winning Minds on what eating disorders and disordered eating are, who they affect, risk factors, and more.


Psychological Impact of Injuries

Hannah Winter speaks about the impact sport culture can have on whether injured athletes feel they can express how they are truly feeling about an injury. She also discusses the practical steps injured athletes can take to help cope with the psychological impact of an injury.


Managing the Stress Response

Hannah Winter writes about why we respond to stress in the way we do, and how to use self-regulation to manage the stress response when under pressure of performance. The first blog in our "summertime series."


Mental Rehab

Hannah Winter examines the psychological consequences of injury and outlines strategies athletes can use to cope more effectively.

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Supporting female Swimmers – a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Swim England Sport and Medicine article on supporting the female athlete from all areas of sport science.

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Using Imagery for Sport Perforamance

Article on BelievePerform on how to best use imagery to benefit performance in high pressure situations.


Core fitness challenge: “I tried a 30-day leg raise challenge – these are all the benefits I garnered in a month”

Hannah Stoyel is gives her expertise for on how to use goal-setting and self-compassion to best to get motivated for fitness challenges.  


How Can We Increase and Maintain Motivation Levels While Physically Active?

Serena MacLeod gives her top psychological tips for individuals with disabilities to enhance and maintain their motivation levels regarding physical activity. 


Working in a Multi-Disciplinary Team: Sport Psych & Sport Nutrition

Andrew Shepherd speaks from his perspective as a sport nutritionist on how to best utilise a sport psychologist in a multi-disciplinary team from his time working with Hannah Stoyel at Swim England. 


Mental Toughness

Hannah Winter is interviewed about how to be mentally tough in sport, specifically in triathlon. 

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Building Rapport

Hannah Stoyel talks about the importance of building rapport with athletes and how it is done. 

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S): Swimmers

Article on BelievePerform that outlines a brief introduction to RED-S in the context of swimming. 

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Introducing Sport Psychology to the Swimmer's Mind

Article on SwimSwam about the basics of Sport Psychology for athletes, coaches, and parents. 


The Olympics without Fans is Harming Athletes’ Performance

Louise Byrne gives her insight in this piece in Scientific American about how the lack of fans is impactful at the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games.

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Stage 2 and Comparisons to Others

Louise Byrne speaks about her own journey in supervised practice (BPS QSEP) and some key reflections she has about her experience.

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Bringing Sport Psychology to Cricket Uganda

Edgar Kazibwe discusses his first few weeks on the job! Read about his experience of bringing sport psychology to Cricket Uganda. 


Exceptional Performance

Hannah Stoyel is interviewed about performance under pressure in the world of competitive eating, specifically Joey Chestnut. 

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BMX Nationals: Cyclopark Rounds 3 & 4

Serena MacLeod supports elite level BMX clients at the Nationals tournament this past weekend at Cyclopark.

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Starting the

Conversation: Talking about diet, food, and nutrition with athletes

Hannah Stoyel talks about her research into eating disorders and athletes.

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